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They share a $4 million per year Sales and Marketing Fund.


They profit from $400 million in purchasing clout which grants them industry-best pricing and service from suppliers.


They outsource all back-office distractions including cash flow, computer systems, collections, accounting and more.


They have more time and resources to focus on Business Development activities, which are the only real activities that build wealth.


They are part of a network whose founder built a $25 million distributorship of his own. We know what you need every step of the way.


They belong to a network of over 120 Million Dollar and Multi-Million Dollar colleagues to share best practices and have fun with.

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Here's what a few Proforma Million Dollar and Multi-Million Dollar Owners have to say:

"Only Proforma provides professional marketing and collateral pieces that have helped us grow our business to $20 million a year. Proforma gives us access to email broadcasts, brochures and much more! To have our own proprietary catalog every year and seasonal catalogs is a marketing tool that is too costly to produce on our own. Only Proforma has the sharing power among Owners to alleviate this huge cost."

Fred & Suzette Albrecht

Fred & Suzette Albrecht, Co-Owners

Proforma Albrecht & Co.

Cincinnati, OH

Background: Former CEO of Kaiser & Blair

Multi-Million Dollar Club Members

"I am thrilled to have made the transition into the Proforma Network. This is the next step in serving my clients with the most innovative products and services. With Proforma, I can offer a complete product line which includes promotional products, printing services, business documents, eCommerce and multimedia solutions.”

Rose Shorma

Rose Shorma, Owner

Proforma Rose Shorma

Alexandria, MN

Background: Former VP of Marketing at
American Solutions for Business

Million Dollar Club Members

"Before I joined Proforma, I already owned a million dollar business. However, it was Proforma’s purchasing power that allowed me to lower my supplier costs by over 10%! It was Proforma who had the network of vendors to produce the same products I was already purchasing, for less. Only Proforma has the purchasing power which helped me grow my business to over $3 million a year!"

David Kolko

David Kolko, Owner

Proforma IF Print Services

Rochester, NY

Multi-Million Dollar Club Members

"Before I joined Proforma, I worked as a sales rep for a small distributor for about 8 years. Now I’m creating wealth for myself and my family…instead of for someone else. Only Proforma made it easier to run my business my way-that’s what I call fun!"

Tom Gourlay

Tom Gourlay, Owner

Proforma Print & Promotional Images

Lincoln, NE

Multi-Million Dollar Club Members

"Proforma was clearly the best opportunity. In our first two years with Proforma we had more success than we ever thought possible. Proforma was the best business decision we ever made."

Hymel & Zabala

Yvette Hymel & Rachael Zabala, Co-Owners

Proforma Key Solutions

New Orleans, LA

Million Dollar Club Members

"When we joined Proforma, our sales were under $800,000. In our first 3 years our sales had more than quadrupled to over $3 million! We never could have done it without Proforma. We have grown over $1 million in sales every year thanks to Proforma’s Business Development Team and the millions of dollars worth of sales and marketing tools. Proforma’s eCommerce Team and company store programs have set us apart from our competition and helped us to win major accounts. With Proforma we still have the independence of owning our own business combined with the benefits of being members in a $400 million organization."

Gidget & Mike Tracy

Gidget & Mike Tracy, Co-Owners

Proforma TCT Promotions

Houston, TX

Multi-Million Dollar Club Members